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'Gypsy Moon' to Open at Walkerhill Hotel
By Han Sang-hee, Staff Reporter. Korean Times, 26/8/08

Prepare for a mysterious Friday night as Sheraton Grande Walkerhill proudly premiers its 47th stage production show, “Gypsy Moon”. Direct from Australia, Dion & Randall Productions, producers of Hidden Palace, Midnight Magic, Tempo Rouge and Zingara which premiered at the world renown Hotel Casino, Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast, now proudly bring to Seoul yet another one of their blockbuster stage spectacles designed to dazzle the senses and captivate the imagination.

Gypsy Moon features original and exotic performers which includes: The beautifully created and artistic illusion, of La Statue direct from the Lido in Paris, Dare devil stunt motorcyclists from Brazil, Direct from Las Vegas – the hot a fiery Phelston Jones, and The electrifying talents of the Master Guacho – Hilario Cabral.

Famed French mime Albert Roubaud will perform the mind-boggling "La Statue". He is one of only five people in the world who can pull off this incredible act, where he shows himself as a statue with two heads.

"Globe of Death" will continue the excitement with exhilarating stunts which will have you on the edge of your seats!. Five professional motorcyclists will present a Brazilian daredevil stunt inside a 14’ diameter globe of steel, traveling at speeds of 80kmp.

Next comes a powerful Georgian dance performance by eight hunky male dancers from the former Soviet Republic, Georgia.

The energy heats up with the electrifying dynamics, all the way from Argentina - The Master Gaucho, Hilario Cabral.

Of course no spectacle is complete without the participation of a gorgeous and dazzling lineup of dancers and singers from Australia.

Add to this powerful lineup of international performers, the breathtaking costumes, amazing scenery, never before seen special effects, and wrap this into a soundscape delivered in 5.1 surround and you have a box office winner guaranteed to keep audiences of all ages and backgrounds coming back for more.

Throughout its 46-year history, the Walkerhill Theater has presented fans with numerous shows and events from around the world. This new partnership between Sheraton Grande Walkerhill and Dion & Randall Productions, proudly sets new standards in quality entertainment for the future.

For foreign guests, the theater will present the traditional Korean show "The Great Feast" before "Gypsy Moon". Under the theme "East Meets West", the Korean show will feature traditional Korean acts and culture.

Tickets range in price from 70,000 to 130,000 won, and special package tickets are between 130,000 and 150,000 won. The special tickets include dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants: Ondal, Golden Dragon, Kiyomizu, The View, Del Vino, Starlight and Myongwolgwan.

LEFT: The poster of the show Gypsy Moon
held at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.
The show will continue for 40 weeks and
be performed eight times a week. -
Courtesy of Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel